Adhesive photo album

Adhesive photo album

Photo albums are precious objects that allow us to gather and preserve our most cherished moments. Among the different types of albums available on the market, the adhesive photo album stands out for its simplicity of use and timeless aesthetics.

What is a self-adhesive photo album?

A self-adhesive photo album is a type of album in which photos are directly attached to the pages using a pre-applied adhesive layer. Unlike traditional albums with plastic pockets or corners to insert photos, self-adhesive albums offer a clean and distraction-free presentation.

The advantages of a self-adhesive photo album

The main advantage of this type of album lies in the ease of sticking photos. No need to handle self-adhesive corners or slide the pictures into pockets, simply remove the protective film and position the photo on the adhesive surface. Additionally, this saves time when arranging the album.

Furthermore, the visual aspect is also a major asset. The photos are perfectly showcased thanks to the flat and smooth surface, giving the overall appearance a neat and professional look. The absence of plastic pockets also avoids annoying reflections that can hinder image viewing.

Lastly, self-adhesive photo albums are generally thinner and less bulky than their traditional counterparts, making storage easier and saving space on your shelves.

How to choose a self-adhesive photo album

Faced with the multitude of available models, it can be difficult to determine which self-adhesive photo album will best suit your needs. Here are some criteria to consider to help you make your choice:

Size and format

There are self-adhesive photo albums available in different sizes and formats, ranging from small square format (15 x 15 cm) to large panoramic format (30 x 30 cm). Depending on the size of the photos you want to insert and the desired space on your shelf, choose a format that suits your preferences.

Number of pages

Self-adhesive photo albums are generally offered with a number of pages ranging from 20 to 80. Before making your choice, estimate how many photos you want to put in it and make sure that the album's capacity meets your expectations.

Type of cover

The cover of the album plays an important role in its aesthetic appearance. You can choose a rigid cover, made of cardboard, fabric or leather for a more luxurious look. Albums with a soft cover are lighter and more economical, but generally offer less protection for the photos.


The self-adhesive photo album can be customized according to your tastes and the style you want to give to your collection of memories. Choose an album with a design that you like, whether it is simple and minimalist, colorful and original, or adorned with a particular pattern like the famous character Snoopy.

Tips for using a self-adhesive photo album

To fully enjoy the benefits of this type of album, here are some tips to follow:

  • Handle the photos with care: to avoid fingerprints and scratches on the adhesive surface, use thin cotton gloves or special tweezers when handling the photos.
  • Take the time to position your photos correctly: once glued, it is difficult to remove the photos without damaging the adhesive surface. So make sure to align each shot properly before fixing it permanently.
  • Use suitable markers to add captions or annotations: if you want to further personalize your album by adding comments, opt for markers

Your questions

What is a self-adhesive photo album?

An adhesive photo album is a type of album where photos can be directly stuck onto the pages using a special adhesive. This allows for easy customization of photo arrangement and repositioning if necessary.

How to choose a high-quality adhesive photo album?

To choose a quality adhesive photo album, it is important to check the resistance of the adhesive to prevent photos from detaching over time. It is also recommended to choose an album with thick and good quality pages to ensure the durability of your photos.

Do adhesive photo albums work for large-sized photos?

Yes, adhesive photo albums are suitable for large-sized photos. Thanks to their adhesive system, you can easily stick photos of different sizes on the album pages, whether they are small or large.


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