Our papers are beautiful, just like your memories.

Selecting the papers used in our photobooks is an essential (if not the most important) step in our design chain.
In fact, the need for high quality in order to stand out from the crowd prompted us to to select
some of the finest papers available on the market.

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Nos papiers - Munken Print White 1.8 115g/m2

The photo albums: Inside pages

Paper Olin Rough 200 g/m² or 120 g/m²

A high-end addition, Olin Rough is an uncoated paper that is naturally white with an elegant matte look and feel. It is made from an optimised blend of wood and wood-free pulps, giving it a natural, textured look. Olin Rough is also used in the notebooks.


Certifications: EU Eco-label / FSC™

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Nos papiers - Munken Print Cream 1.8 90g/m2

The newspaper & booklets

Olin Rough Cream 120 g/m²

A paper with a natural slightly yellowish white colour, Olin Rough Cream gives your photobook an elegant vintage and timeless effect. Like other Innocence papers, its feel and matte texture will make the most of your photos.

Certifications: EU Eco-label / FSC™

Gone are the classic photo albums and prints, at Innocence, textured and authentic papers that we love to hold in hand have replaced traditional glossy photo paper. Your albums and the paper they are made of are designed to be touched, enjoyed and shared!

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Nos papiers - Munken Lynx Rough 300g/m2

The photo album and the small photo album: Cover

Olin Rough 300 g/m²

Exceptional paper for exceptional memories. Its particularly tactile surface and natural whiteness that showcase your images make it a perfect paper for photo album covers. From the very first time we tried it out, the delicate texture of Olin Rough stood out as the obvious choice!


Certifications: EU Eco-label / FSC™

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Our papers - Fedrigoni Nettuno 250-300g/m2

Notebook: Cover

Fedrigoni Nettuno 250-300g/m²

A splash of colour in this white world! The colourful covers of the notebooks are taken from the Nettuno range by the famous Italian paper manufacturer Fedrigoni. Their richly coloured hues add a unique touch to the covers and to your photos.


Certifications: FSC™

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Nos papiers - Munken Lynx 300g/m2

Photo prints

ARENA White Smooth 300 g/m²

We decided to move away from traditional glossy photo prints and focus more on an elegant, matte look. We chose the ARENA White Smooth, a less textured version of our albums' cover paper, for optimal colour reproduction.


Certifications: FSC™ 

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Our papers - Plike Bleu and Bordeaux 330g/m2

Red colored photo books: Cover

Plike Bordeaux 330g/m²

The red covers radiate intensity with velvety matte paper for an unrivalled tactile effect. The Plike range offers style, colour and feel, for an album you'll wan to flip through over and over again..


Certifications: FSC™

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Our papers - Keaykolour Biscuit and Pinède 300g/m2

Green, pink and blue colored photo books: Cover

Keaykolour Biscuit, Pinède & Navy Blue 300g/m²

The cover paper of the pink, green and blue album is textured to enhance these soft colours. The Keaykolour range offers a tactile finish in Biscuit, Pinède, Navy to accompany your memories from the most tender to the most vivid.


Certifications: FSC™

Innocence - Précieux souvenirs - Our papers - Constellation 192g/m2

Colored photo books: Overlay

Constellation Snow Tela and Jade Raster 192g/m²

The delicately hand-applied overlay adds contrast and a light feel to your colour album. Textured white paper finishes the gold and pink album; and iridescent silver-coloured paper fnishes the red, green and blue album.


Certifications: FSC™