Frequently Asked Questions

My account

  • To change the delivery address on your account, log in to your Innocence account on our website, then go to "My Account". In the "Your delivery address" section, enter your new address and click on " Save ".

  • It's very easy to change your password. Log in to your Innocence account on our website, then go to "My Account". In the "About you" section, enter your new password in the relevant field and click on "Save".

  • To disconnect from your social network accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Google Photos), log in to your Innocence account on our website, then go to "My Account". In the "Your connected social networks" section click on "Disconnect" below the network you want to disconnect from.

  • If you want to permanently delete your Innocence account, simply contact us by e-mail to: and our customer support team will delete your account for you.

    Please note that if you delete your account, you will no longer be able to retrieve your previous orders or the photos used in your albums.

  • Each project (editions, prints, etc.) that as created but not ordered is beingsaved for 6 months on our website. This period is extended by 6 months if your project is in your shopping cart. By opening or modifying your project,you can make sure it will be stored for longer. Your orders are kept for 3 years on our servers after you last logged into your Innocence account.


Preparation and delivery

  • You can track the status of your order on your account on our website.

    To do this, log into your account and go to the ""My Orders"" section. Above each order you will see the order status.

    - Awaiting production: Your order has been logged in our system. It usually takes one working day for it to go to print.

    - Printing: Your order is in production in our workshop. Production time is generally one working day.

    - Dispatched: Your package has been dispatched, it should arrive in a few days! (Delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen when ordering)

  • If you haven't received your order, the first thing to do is to go to the ""Orders"" section of your Innocence account and check its status. If your order has been marked as ""Dispatched"", your package has left our workshop and is on its way to your home.

    The carriers we have chosen are the main national carriers, and the network may be busier than usual depending on the time of year.

    If you live in a flat or shared property, you should also check with your caretaker and/or neighbours in case they have taken delivery of your package.

    If you still have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at with your order number.

  • We are sorry to hear that your albums have arrived damaged... Your memories don't deserve that!

    Despite careful packaging, it is possible that some packages may be damaged by carriers.

    If so, please contact us at stating your order number, the type of damage and, if possible, attach a photo of the damage.

    We will reprint your damaged products free of charge as a priority, so that you can receive them as soon as possible!

  • As soon as we receive your order, it is sent to the workshop and generally printed and shipped in 72 hours (working days). If this time has to be extended due to the particular nature of your order (large volume for example), our customer support team will contact you.

    Once dispatched, delivery times vary depending on the shipping method chosen. Allow approximately 2 to 3 working days for Standard delivery and 1 working day for Express delivery.

  • Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and number of products ordered and the speed of delivery.

    If you wish to order several albums, it's a good idea to do so in the same order to reduce your shipping costs.

    Shipping costs include the packaging, handling and delivery of your order.

  • All our albums are processed, printed, made and dispatched in our workshop in Paris.
    For more information, visit our about us page

  • You don't have to pay duties and taxes on your purchases made in other European Union countries, except in French Overseas Departments, which are subject to different regimes.

    For countries outside the European Union, customs fees or taxes may be charged. Innocence has no information about the amount of these duties and we cannot under any circumstances be held liable for these duties. We encourage you to check the laws in force regarding these duties.



  • In order to deliver your personalised albums as quickly as possible, all confirmed orders are automatically sent to the workshop to start production. Therefore, it is unfortunately impossible for us to cancel an order.

  • All Innocence products are personalised for each order, our processing procedures are optimised to ensure that they can be delivered as quickly as possible. This is why it is unfortunately impossible for us to amend your order once it has been confirmed.

    In order to avoid any errors, we recommend that you check each page in your albums and all your prints in the editing section before paying for your order.

    For further assistance on this issue, please contact our customer support team at

  • To order a product on our website or via our app, you can currently pay by Carte Bleue, VISA or MasterCard.

    In order to ensure a 100% secure payment, all payments are made through a specialized and certified external platform: Stripe. We do not store any credit card information on our site.

  • It's very easy to download the invoice for your order. Log in to your Innocence account on our website, then go to "My Account". You will find all your orders in the "Orders" section, above each order there is a button that will allow you to download the relevant invoice.

  • We don't send invoices in packages, so your recipient won't receive an invoice. If you would like to send a gift, you can send it directly to the recipient, a real treat is guaranteed when they open the package!

    You can find the invoice in your account in the ""Orders"" section of our website.

  • If you have been referred by someone or if you have a promo code, enter the code in the basket and click on "Confirm". The corresponding discount will then be reflected in your total price.

    If you have a question about a referral code, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at

  • If you haven't received an order confirmation e-mail from us, first check that you have entered the correct e-mail address. To do this, go to the ""My Account"" section, then to ""About You"".

    If the address is correct, check your Spam folder, sometimes our e-mails appear there....

    If you have entered the wrong address, enter the correct one in your account and contact us at with your order number so that we can sort it out!

  • To order the same product again, simply go to the "My Account" section, then to "Orders" and click on the "Re-order" button.

    The product will be added to your basket, you can then either modify it again ("Edit" button), or reorder it exactly as it was.

  • Cotton pouches are used to protect your albums, small albums, colour albums and special prints. To avoid waste, we pack several products in the same bag where possible.

    If you have a special request, please contact

  • If you order several newspaper-style albums, they will be sent in the same box to avoid waste and additional shipping costs.

    If you have a special request, please contact

  • At the moment, no file is sent for you to check your project. However, please note that each order passes three quality controls in our workshop: a DTP control, a print control and a post-processing control. 

    If there are any anomalies, we will contact you before printing your order.

  • The Innocence logo appears on some of the products, notably the photo books. Unfortunately it is not possible to delete or modify the text of the cover pages that are part of our identity.


Creation and editing

  • Most Innocence products are available in several different versions, whether in terms of the number of pages, the number of prints or the number of cards.

    - Albums: Choose the number of pages in your photobook depending on how many photos you want to include. The margins are deliberately broad so you can add or remove as needed!

    - Prints: Choose the number of prints you want to receive. You can select a single photo and print it several times if you wish.

    If you have a question about one of our products, don't hesitate to contact us at, we will be happy to help you choose the album that's right for you!

  • Make sure you primarily use photos taken with your digital camera or mobile phone, as the majority of smartphones nowadays produce photos that have a high enough resolution to be printed.

    Some photos may look sharp and precise on your phone or computer screen but may sometimes be blurred when printed, this is often the case with photos that have filters applied to them (such as Instagram).

    The main feature to consider when deciding if your photo is ""printable"" is its resolution (its size, basically.). A high image resolution is essential for the best results.

    A quality warning (a red icon with an exclamation mark) appears in the editor if your image appears to be too small to be printed.

    If you absolutely must include a lower quality photo in your album, we recommend that you place it in a template with a smaller photo size.

  • On Innocence, you can use photos from your Instagram, Facebook or Google Photos accounts and upload them to your albums.

    To do this, go into the editor and look for a toolbar on the left of your screen with icons for the various social networks. Click on the social network you want and sign in with your username and password. You will then see all the photos in that account. Just select the ones you want to add to your album, prints or cards.

    You can only use photos from accounts that belong to you and for which you have the reproduction rights.

  • To avoid blurring and poor quality results with our large format prints, please ensure that you use high resolution photos (see tips here).

    - For 30x40 and 30x30 prints, a resolution of 3 Megapixels is recommended (about 2000px)

    - For 21x29.7 prints, a resolution of 1.5 Megapixels is recommended (about 1500px)

  • If you start an order on the Innocence app you can easily retrieve it on the site. Just login and save your album on the app.

    Once the album has been saved, go to the site (on your computer) and log in. You will find your current album in the ""My albums"" section.

    Please note that to find all the photos from your phone that have been included in the album, you will have to wait until they have finished being uploaded to the server.

    This procedure also applies to switching from the site to the app.

  • You can save your current editing simply by clicking on the ""Save"" button at the top left of the editor. You will be asked to login (so you can find your album again easily)

    Once you have logged in, your editing will be saved automatically on a regular basis.

  • To continue editing a saved product, simply go to the "My Account" section, then to "My Albums" and click on the "Edit and Order" button for the product in question.

  • In April 2018, following privacy concerns, Facebook decided to suspend user data access authorizations for third party companies without prior notice. This drastic change has resulted in a block on users being able to retrieve photos from their connected accounts. We are working hard to restore this service as soon as possible!

  • In the Innocence editor you can edit your photos in several ways, just put it in your album, select it and click on it (or on the edit button: Pencil icon), once the photo editing window appears you can:

    - Crop: Click on the ""+"" and ""-"" icons to enlarge or reduce your photo. You can also move it around the frame by dragging and dropping it.

    - Rotate: To rotate your photo in its frame, click on the ""←"" and ""→"" arrows.

    - Apply a filter: You can apply a filter to your photo by clicking on the corresponding icon below. Go back to the original by clicking on the far left icon again.

    - Confirm your changes: Click on the confirm button to save your changes.

  • If there is anything missing in our albums (photos or texts), nothing appears in the printout (no grey area or example text).

  • If your photos look red, it means that the quality of the photos is not sufficient for the selected print size.

    There are two ways to correct this:

    - Replace your photo with a higher quality one

    - Change the page template so that your image is smaller

  • This is how to reorganize the order of the pages in your album:

    - on a computer: you need to zoom out of your project using the ""+"" and "" - "" on the right of each of your double pages, once this is done, you can click on your pages and drag them where you want them to go

    - on our iOS & Android app: there is an ""overview"" button at the top that will allow you to zoom out of your editing, once this is done, you can click on your pages and drag them where you want them to go.

  • Unfortunately, it's not possible to delete pages from an album, even if they are empty.
    For technical reasons and to ensure the quality/strength of the photobook, the number of pages is fixed.

    However, you can fill them however you wish and you can change the page templates if you don't like them. Also, by changing the page templates, you can spread your photos over all the pages (by reducing the number of photos on each double page for example).

    Many of our customers intentionally leave blank pages to add a few comments and other personal notes.

  • For technical reasons, photos inserted in bleed slots are slightly trimmed by 3 to 5 mm at the edge of the pages. We therefore invite you to place faces or important elements of your image more than 5mm from the edge of the pages and not to put them in the center of a double-page spread.

  • For technical reasons, the emoticons in your caption text do not appear in the printout.

  • A minimum of 46 pages is required for printing on the side of our editions. The side of your 24 pages edition remains blank. Neither your title nor the mention "the magazine, volume ..." appears in the print.


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