Preparation and delivery

Coronavirus situation


In those special times, our workshop continues to work hard in order to manufacture your precious memories with the utmost care, all whilst respecting sanitary restrictions. We respect those restrictions to ensure your safety and that of our team.

Just like in previous years, we examine, manufacture and dispatch your orders within 72 hours (on working days). Once your order is ready, we will hand it over to the mail service of your choice.

With regards to delivery times of our shipping partners, which are La Poste (tracked letter and Colissimo) and Chronopost, none of them have reported any issues on their network. 



Manufactured within 72 hours (on working days).

24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


The production of our hardcover photo album requires a longer production time.
In case your order includes at least one hardcover photo albums, the production times could be extended by up to 48 hours.


Delivery times.

Once your order is ready, we will hand it over to the mail service of your choice: La Poste for standard delivery and Chronopost for express delivery. The parcel will arrive at your doorstep within 1 working day with Chronopost and within 2 to 4 working days with La Poste (in France).

*delivery times for France only 







 fromDelivery times fromDelivery times
France3€2-4 days 9€24 heures
DOM-TOM10€11-15 days 25€2-6 days
Germany6€4-8 days 9€1-6 days
Austria7€5-8 days 10€2-6 days
Belgium3€3-8 days 9€1-6 days
Denmark9€8-15 days 10€2-6 days
Spain5€5-8 days 10€1-6 days
Finland13€5-15 days 10€1-6 days
Italy6€3-8 days 10€1-6 days
Luxembourg6€4-8 days 9€1-6 days
Norway13€8-15 days 19€2-6 days
Netherlands6€3-8 days 9€1-6 days
United Kingdom7€3-8 days 10€1-6 days
Sweden9€5-8 days 10€2-6 days
Switzerland9€5-8 days 19€1-6 days
Europe7€5-10 days 9€2-6 days
World17€11-15 days 21€2-6 days



Any further questions?

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