Photo album 15x21

Photo album 15x21

The 15x21 photo albums are among the most popular formats for preserving and showcasing your precious photos. These albums offer enough space to display your shots while being easy to store and transport. In this article, we will discuss the different features of 15x21 photo albums as well as some tips for choosing the right album.

The advantages of the 15x21 cm format

The 15x21 cm format is highly appreciated for several reasons:

  • An intermediate format: neither too big nor too small, it allows for a good view of photo details without taking up too much space on a shelf or in a bag.
  • Adapted number of pockets: 15x21 albums often offer a large number of pockets, allowing you to organize your photos as you wish. You can choose a set of photo albums if you have a large number of photos to sort.
  • Ergonomics: the 15x21 cm format is easy to handle, making it easy to browse and add new photos.
  • Versatility: this format is suitable for both landscape and portrait photos.

Types of 15x21 photo albums available on the market

There are several types of 15x21 photo albums, suitable for different needs and tastes:

Pocket albums

Pocket albums are the most common and practical. They have transparent plastic pockets to easily insert your photos and protect them from dust or fingerprints. Some models also offer spaces to write captions under each photo.

Spiral albums

Spiral albums are composed of pages bound by a metal spiral. The photos are usually held in place by adhesive corners or strips. This type of album offers great freedom of presentation and can contain a variable number of photos.

Photo binders

Photo binders consist of a rigid binder in which transparent sheets with pockets for photos are inserted. This system allows you to easily add or remove photos according to your preferences. You can create an evolving and customizable album as desired.

Photo books

Photo books are albums in which the photos are directly printed on the pages. They are often custom-made, with a choice of layout, colors, and patterns. The photo book is an elegant option for preserving memories of significant events such as weddings, births, or travels.

How to choose the right 15x21 photo album

To make the right album choice, here are some criteria to consider:

  • Number of photos: Determine how many photos you want to keep in your album. This will help you choose a model with enough pockets or pages.
  • Ease of use: Opt for an album that is easy to handle and allows you to add or remove photos without difficulty.
  • Style and materials: Choose an album with a cover and finishes that you like and that match the content of the album. Albums are available in different materials such as leather, fabric, wood, cardboard, or plastic.
  • Price: Define your budget before starting your search. The price of albums varies depending on the type, quality of materials, and finishes.

Maintaining and preserving your 15x21 photo albums

Your questions

What is the size of the photo albums offered by Innocence Paris?

The photo albums offered by Innocence Paris are available in different sizes, including the 15x21 format.

Are photo albums customizable?

Yes, the photo albums offered by Innocence Paris are fully customizable. You can choose the layout, add text and images according to your preferences.

What types of products are available on the Innocence Paris website?

In addition to personalized photo albums, Innocence Paris also offers other products related to photo printing, such as photo prints, calendars, and greeting cards.


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