Photo book

Photo book

The photo book has become a must-have for preserving and sharing your most beautiful moments with family or friends. Thanks to technological advances, creating a photo album is now a breeze. So, how do you choose the photo book that suits you and how do you personalize it to your taste? Discover our tips and tricks for creating the perfect photo gift.

Choosing the format and type of cover

To start creating your photo book, you will first need to choose its format. There are several formats available on the market, from small square to large landscape. Here are some examples:

  • Square format: ideal for Instagram photos and portraits,
  • Portrait format: perfect for travel albums and professional books,
  • Landscape format: recommended for panoramas and family events.

Once the format is chosen, you will also need to decide on the type of cover for your photo book. You will generally have the choice between a hardcover, softcover, or spiral-bound cover. Here are their main characteristics:

  • Hardcover: offers excellent protection and gives a luxurious look to your photo book,
  • Softcover: lighter, it is ideal for pocket photo albums,
  • Spiral-bound cover: convenient for quickly flipping through your album, it is particularly suitable for professional books.

Organization and layout of photos

Once the format and cover have been selected, the crucial step of organizing and laying out your photos comes. It is not always easy to choose the images that will appear in your photo book and arrange them harmoniously. Here are some tips to help you:

Select your best photos

For optimal results, start by sorting your photos and only keep those that have good technical quality (brightness, sharpness, contrast) and evoke memorable memories.

Vary the formats and layouts

To avoid monotony and make your photo book attractive, alternate between different sizes and layouts of your images (full page, mosaic, banners...). Also play with color spaces to highlight certain photos or separate different themes.

Include captions or text

Do not hesitate to add captions, titles or even small explanatory texts to contextualize your photos and tell your story. However, be sure to maintain a certain typographic coherence and not overload your pages with text.

Choice of paper and finishes

The quality of the paper and finishes is an essential element for a successful photo book. Depending on your budget and preferences, several options are available to you:

  • Matte paper: ideal for travel or landscape photo albums, it offers excellent color reproduction and limits reflections,
  • Glossy paper: recommended for family photo books, it adds an extra touch of brightness to the images and facilitates cleaning of the pages,
  • Satin paper: an alternative between matte and glossy, it is suitable for all types of photos and offers a slightly textured finish.

As for finishes, binding is an important aspect to consider. Choose a sewn (or glued) binding if you want your photo book to be frequently flipped through without risking damaging the pages.

An original and personalized photo gift

The photo book is an ideal photo gift for all occasions: birthdays, weddings, births, trips... It allows you to share your memories with your loved ones in an original and lasting way. Moreover, thanks to the numerous customization options (cover, format, layout

Your questions

What is a personalized photo book?

A personalized photo book is a photo album created from your own images. You can choose the photos you want to include, arrange them in the order you prefer, and add captions or texts to accompany each image. This allows you to create a unique and personalized album that tells your story.

How can I create a photo book on the Innocence Paris website?

To create a photo book on the Innocence Paris website, simply follow these simple steps: 1. Select the format and type of photo book you want. 2. Upload your photos from your computer or your Instagram account. 3. Customize each page by adding images, captions, and layouts. 4. Preview your photo book and make any necessary changes. 5. Add your photo book to the cart and complete your order.

What are the available formats for photo books on Innocence Paris?

On Innocence Paris, you can choose from a variety of formats for your photo book. We offer square formats, landscape formats, and portrait formats. You can choose the one that best suits your photos and preferences.


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